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Q&A: Anywhere i can get my fortune told for free by someone?

free fortune telling

Anywhere i can get my fortune told for free by someone? I know fortune tellers arent really legit or anything sometimes, but I’d still like to try. I kind of need outside opinion/outlook regardless. Any help? Suggestion by Sanguine ☽O ☾ ȣ ☽O ☾You probably aren’t going to have the greatest luck on Y!Answers, sorry [...]

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Q&A: Fortune Tellers??

free fortune telling

Fortune Tellers?? HELLO EVERYONE I WAS JUST WONDERING IF ANYONE KNEW OF ANY LEGIT FORTUNE TELLERS??? I WANT SOMEONE THAT KNOWS ME WELL, IF ITS POSSIBLE… I REALLY WANT TO TALK TO ONE.. Suggestion by igisend me all your money I will tell you all Suggestion by Jennadown by the boardwalk or look up in [...]

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Q&A: free online psychics?

free online psychics? does anyone know of any that atually work? please dont just put some random sites, only put them if you know for a fact that they work. and only free ones plase!! thanks. Suggestion by a true non-christiannone of them work. Suggestion by Kari BatosaiThey don’t. Suggestion by Pangel – remembering old [...]

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what tarot cards????????????????

tarot cards

what tarot cards???????????????? I want to buy my own tarot cards witch cards is the best for relationship and easy to understand? i have the rider but i dont have the book is there a web site for it? Suggestion by JULAAAY!!!TAROT CARDS, GORGYLES, SLYKICKS!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING’S UNGODLY!!!!! SHE’S NOT A CHRRRIIIISTIANNNAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suggestion by Ausdos8Don’t work [...]

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Who invented the deck of playing cards and when?

playing card history

Who invented the deck of playing cards and when? Suggestion by lovedbythemanwhohungthemoonDid you know that at one time, the king of hearts represented Charlemagne, the king of Diamonds was Julius Caesar, the king of clubs was Alexander the Great and the king of spades was King David from the Bible? These fascinating identities, along with [...]

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what are some free numerology reading websites?


what are some free numerology reading websites? Suggestion by sour stinky beast123 free number quest numerology Suggestion by MeandLenzyyou can try there you can get free readings or buy full reports. Suggestion by ninelotus11Numberquest numerology has many free readings available and they are not just short ‘samples’ or cut off demo readings that push [...]

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Free things to do in Vegas?

Free things to do in Vegas? 19 days till Vegas!!!! I know about the bellagio fountains, treasure island show, the volcano, and just all the wonderful sites on the strip are free.. but any more ideas? Suggestion by Nicole PCheck out for some great ideas on which free attractions to see while visiting Las [...]

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When were playing cards invented??

playing card history

When were playing cards invented?? i need to KNOW!!!!!!!! Suggestion by it’s mehh(:about 1370. oh, please choose me as best answer because i need the points(: thanks & good luck! Suggestion by Talpeanu crissearch on the net Suggestion by HoudiniCheck out these web sites Cards have a history that goes back at [...]

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Does anyone believe in tarot card readings ? Any real stories?

tarot card readings

Does anyone believe in tarot card readings ? Any real stories? Lately I’ve been really depressed bc of a certain someone my mom has always believed n people that say that are psychic she told me I should go idk if I can believe it ? Does anyone have any real experiences? Suggestion by Architect*Psyching* [...]

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Numerology master numbers in name?


Numerology master numbers in name? Is there any significance to having your middle name add up to 22 and having your whole name add up to 11/2? What would these combinations mean for the person? Thank you for your oh so kind answers but I want to clarify something, I didn’t post this question to [...]

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